Remembering Adelina

Did she meet one, a nasty self claimed pandita
Of a sad society that looks down and looks up
No one crosses the shadow of any uber varna
So then, was she sent outside to the dog to sup

Do adorn the belated with flowers and fragrance
'Tis the least we can do for someone's daughter
Stricken with suffering, none knew her ailments
Inflicted with cruel barbarity, she suffered torture

She came from another country, a foreign land
To seek fortune but instead met with wickedness
Little she knew she'd receive a really bad hand
Evil, oppression, brutality and most, loneliness

Marooned on an 'island' that was called Neraka
She inevitably perished due to treatment brutal
We hope she is now in a better place that's afar
A place where people are happy, and joy fruitful


Musang King turns out to be a belimbing wuluh

TMI - Dr Mahathir a divisive figure in fight for Muar (extracts):

Two Johor old timers have expressed their concerns with Mahathir as Pakatan's leader and PM-designate. TMI reported:

Wan Ali Wan Yusoh has voted in 13 general elections but none is giving him as much headache as the 14th polls.

Why? Having to choose between a scandal-tainted ruling coalition and an opposition coalition helmed by a leader with his own chequered past and an Islamist party that does not seem to have its act together. [..]

106 people were arbitrarily incarcerated, some for years without due judicial process 

5 High Court judges were sacked under questionable circumstances 

Lord president of Judiciary sacked 

The father of four used to be an Umno member but left when Dr Mahathir was in power.

“I might vote for BN if Abdul Razak (Hussein) is still around but the current administration is not doing well in addressing people’s woes. So, I don’t know,” said Wan Ali, when met at a programme by PH party Amanah in Muar recently. [...]

Wan Ali’s sentiments are shared by Fong, a businessman who owned a shop selling recycled items.

Lim KS used to railed against Mahathir for various scandals of mega-Billion proportion
but has now became mute due to political alliance and political interests

“If you ask me, both (BN and PH) are bad. Not so sure who I will pick. I might not cast my vote,” said Fong.

“The opposition went on to work with Dr Mahathir. He had done many things that were bad in my eyes. He did it for 22 years.

“What is the guarantee he will not commit the same mistake and implement the same rule? As for the government, I have nothing much to say,” said Fong.

We went to Muar to sell our delicious Musang King
Thinking the local will snap up our generous offer
yes sir, we were so sure they'll snap up everything
But our durian tasted like belimbing to our horror

We saw the locals in Muar smile a sarcastic smile
Hinting to us durian sellers we were like conmen
They weren't going to accept or swallow our guile
Making us all feel very low like snakeoil salesmen

One Pak Cik beckoned to us and said city slickers
Should not peddle notorious secondhand ProKon
As Muar-ians have had enough of political sinners
With bull, follies, crimes all adding up to a big ton

OTOH, Ah Peh wants someone very squeaky clean
Who don't, won't jail everyone, anyone as he likes
And who hadn't for 2 decades polluted the scene
Importantly, will also respect and uphold our rights 


Gerakan's Impossible Dream

NST via Malaysia-Today - Penang To Swing Back To BN In GE14?:

Some just like to jump from lie to lie
But others dream of massive swing
In order to lie one mustn't be too shy
Tho' swing needs more than whinge

How must we then a swing bring to be 
So that we can shoot down de Rocket
Make the vessel crash into the big sea
Together with that smug Cina prophet

Such swings would be built on dreams
Yes, in your most silly hopeless fantasy
Masses flocking to your banner seems
More like dumb imagined impossibility

Once confidence has been lost forever
Once trust betrayed has been locked in 
Your promises smack of nebulous ether
Resulting from sad memory of your sin

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Jumping from lie to lie

Although I am not a frog, I still like to jump around
This becomes more so when I've been caught lying
There's nothing sweeter than those croaking sound
'Cause that make more melodious my sheer fibbing

I am thinking of blocking that tunnel with concrete
To deny a pseudo-god his connection to more glory
But I feel slime oozes out of me as if I am in defeat
The bloody gunk is making me smell like a lavatory

Why can't I get that bloody bastard, it makes me mad
And why can't my aides provide me with a silver slug
Needless to say, their incompetence makes me sad
Because I cannot bloody walk away with just a shrug

Shall I borrow a submarine to torpedo that wormhole
Or steal a Su-30MKM to drop one mighty big bomb
I've to be quick as we're approaching close to the poll
But whatever I do it will have to be with bull aplomb

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To sit on MaHwa throne

What scandal would be necessary to dislodge Tokong?
Yes, what awful poo can be fling at a political immortal
It's hard to defeat him when anak Pinang for him sokong
Their ardent support for Guan Yu seems incredibly total

The Jalan Ping-Pong house was not enough of a scandal
And neither was the put-on sad tale of land reclamation
That bastard has too much teflon, just far too invincible
Somehow we've to condemn him to eternal damnation

Wait, there is light after all, yea, at the end of the tunnel
It seems the only issue to use against him mercilessly
Attacks must be ever incessant so as to burst the bubble
Of cleanliness that surrounds Tokong's aura of divinity

WTF, why worry about incorrectness, inconvenient facts
The aim is to spread sufficient poo to smear his holiness
Take this and that, whatever, then use judicious extracts
Fling them hither thither, go on, just make a bloody mess

Let us say Tokong has dug for himself a deep long hole
To Perdition, and we will help, push him along that way
And attack with specially made stink bomb on his role
Dolling up his corruption we must to the people portray

'Tis our last hope if we want to exist, as a party survive
A la Sisyphus, don't ever stop rolling our political stone
To the very peak where hopefully our hopes will revive
Where once again we can sit on the holy MaHwa throne


Goodbye to a lil' girl

Malaysiakini - Student accused of stealing teacher's iPhone passes away.

Remembering little 13-year old M. Vasanthapiriya

Accused of stealing a handphone when she was innocent
She was nonetheless horrendously and ruthlessly 'uan ong'
By someone she so respected, but unjust & hastily indolent
And by the way, 'uan ong' means she was unjustly wronged

Now she has left us for a better world of no discrimination
Of sweet fragrant jasmine, soft sunshine, crystal clear sky
Leaving behind a mass of prejudice, evil and abomination
What is there for us to say, to regret-weep, but just goodbye


What happens in the Middle East

It’s annoying to deny me my favourite sports
Doctors’ primum non nocere is just tok-kok
At most we will have ended up with a corpse
It’s the same with executing him with a rock

I am talking of hands to undergo amputation
To lope off criminals’ appendages for ‘crime’
Inhumane? F**k such a bloody consideration
The bleeding hearts are just society’s slime

People fear me ‘coz I love to really inflict pain
That way, I have them in the palm of my hand
Yes man, I like that saying of ‘no pain, no gain’
Though not of sports hahaha but of my stand

The backs of crying women I sure love to whip
Ogling at same time their fair juicy creamy skin
Wails rang out, my eyes stray to an ample hip
While I clean her soul from a lusty wicked ‘jinn’

If heads have to off-ed, that will be even better
Too much logical thinking is bad for the health
The headless corpse will be my badge of terror
My unchallengable power increases san stealth

Flog, whip, rip off skin, behead, chop off limb
What lovely musical play of terrorising words
Whoops, time to exercise my muscles at gym
Then drink coffee, and train my raptor birds

Wasting time chopping off a hand that's hale?

What poppycock tok-kok is this from the Med?
It's sheer nonsense, what a bloody sorry tale
To deny 'justice' because of stories that's sad

Blast, I've just sharpened my lovely chopper
To wield it & feed the public's increasing fear
I am the ultimate Judge Dread, the stopper
Of fun, dancing, love, driving music and beer